Living Escrow

What is LivingEscrow?

LivingEscrow provides a secure, encrypted place in the cloud to store all of the vital pieces of information that you need to share with your loved ones in case of an emergency.

The Need

In today's complex world, we have our information and assets located in many locations. Some information may be stored on the internet, other documents may be in a shoe box under the bed, or perhaps in a safe deposit box that only you know exists.

What happens when a catastrophic event occurs - a death or a medical emergency? Will your loved ones be able to find the information they need? Or will some of it be lost, because no one but you knew about it.

The Solution

LivingEscrow provides a secure location for you to store vital information regarding your estate. This information can include insurance information, bank account information, information regarding online accounts, or can even provide instructions on where to find personal treasures which you have hidden away.

Your data is securely store using the latest encryption technology, and yet is easily updated from the web or our mobile app.

LivingEscrow is more than just an online safe deposit box. It allows you control on who has access to what information. These benefactors can be automatically notified that you have left information for them; and then accessing the data is as easy as going to the Living Escrow web site. No probate or court orders are required for your benefactors to get to the information you've left for them.

Key benefits and features include:

Built-in safeguards with advanced identity management software and proven encryption standards to protect each account holder.

A step-by-step interview process that guides users in collecting and organizing personal information and assets.

Easy creation of an estate archive roadmap pointing to where assets are located and how they are accessed.

Reminders by email, calendar alarms, or text of important dates and to update information.

The ability to set rules of what conditions trigger a notification of an event and who receives it, who is given access to which assets, and in what timeframe – as well as any items that are automatically deleted.

A guardian notification process that is rules based and easily set to allow one or a group of people to initiate notification to advisors and loved ones and access and transfer of information as defined by the account owner.

Robust search with the ability to tag and categorize content by date, location, people, and key words as well as add notes.

Thumbnail views of documents by hovering the cursor allows for quick location of the correct document.

A sandbox security mechanism to allow authorized advisors and others to upload or download documents.

The ability to specify read-only access to selected information and documents that family members and advisors can view anytime.

How is LivingEscrow unique?

The security of your data is of the utmost importance to LivingEscrow. Our parent company, Optimal IdM, has a long, successful history in the identity and security industry. A highly sought after leader in the field, Optimal IdM provides the security infrastructure for LivingEscrow as well as many Fortune 500 companies.

LivingEscrow is the only company that offers a patent-pending, information release process, which allows discrete control over what data is release to whom and when.


How Does LivingEscrow Work?